stormtrance1618's Green Lantern #12 - The Revenge of Black Hand, Part 2 review

Death Is At Hand

Black Hand has retrieved the Black Book and gathered his army of the dead (and his walking dead family as well). However, when Green Lanterns Sinestro and Hal Jordan appear, it's a battle to the death. The Book has some more shocking prophecies and the Guardians appear ready to unleash their plans of the Third Army.

Geoff Johns continues to deliver on his amazing epic sci-fi Green Lantern. Hal and Sinestro both do some great things that add to the continuing great character development. It appears that Sinestro is fully embracing and realizing his stature as the greatest Green Lantern of all.

It wouldn't be a Geoff Johns Green Lantern book if there weren't any shocks, surprises, and prophecies. The great thing about Johns though is that he plans everything out in advance and if it's prophesied then it will eventually come true. Very early the Book of the Black reveals to Black Hand that "Hal Jordan is not your enemy." This shocks and confuses Black Hand. But the last page reveal is definitely an interesting one that will have fans talking.

Also, it was nice to see the Guardians discussing their plans a little more and involving the entire Corps Spectrum.

The art though is a mixed bag. We have a guest artist filling in for the busy Doug Mahnke. Renato Guedes and Jim Calafiore fill in and they both do a better job that the previous guest artist in #6. The art isn't bad except for the fact that will two different artists you can tell the difference in the characters between the two. Sinestro appears to look good throughout and even great a few times. Hal though really looks weird several times. Other than the odd looking Hal, the art wasn't really distracting and seemed to fit the comic. I really liked the two page spread of the 'zombies' and the Guardians talking about the Spectrum and the Corps. Those two pages looked really good and had a nice design and layout to it.

Other than the art, this is a great issue. Quite a bit happens here. A lot is revealed here as well. The great character development continues but Johns has left it so that we really don't know what's gonna be in the future for the entire Green Lantern universe. And that is what makes Green Lantern such a great comic!


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