stormtrance1618's Green Lantern #11 - The Revenge of Black Hand, Part 1 review

Can't Keep a Black Hand Down

Sinestro, currently a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and Hal Jordan, a former Corps member now powered by Sinestro's ring, have finally discovered the secret of the Indigo Tribe. However, Black Hand has managed to escape and Hal and Sinestro must work together again to track him down. But what is Black Hand's true purpose?

Geoff Johns has finally said what he wanted to say about the Indigo Tribe and now leads us into a small scale sequel to Blackest Night. Green Lantern fans have long wondered about the mysteries of the Indigo Tribe and Johns managed to give us a small arc to answer those questions. But now he appears to lead us into a bigger and more darker story line.

Johns manages to continue to his buddy cop routine of Hal and Sinestro. Sinestro is pissed that Hal was more focused on him than recovering Black Hand. Hal is continuing to realize he needs Sinestro and may be even starting to believe him. Meanwhile, Hal had the Indigo Tribe work on his power ring and now the ring will do whatever Hal wills. It's unclear though if it's still powered by Sinestro or what.

Sinestro has a Bat cave. I don't know why but that just seems cool. It's huge and he seems to have a lot stored in there. Look closely and you'll see that he still has a Yellow Lantern Battery. One has to wonder if that will come into play later or it's just a keep sake item or maybe even an emergency back up power source in case the Guardians do wreck havoc on the Corp.

Also, what's up with Black Hand. He is just as creepy as ever. It's not known what his plan is other than bring his family zombie family back together and giving them dinner and saying he wants to murder as many people as he can. This seems like a small scale sequel to Blackest Night and we know that it's just a small act before the Third Army arc.

Once again, Johns teases up with another Book of the Black prophecy. We see what appears to be John Stewart being attacked by the Guardians, Guy Gardner locked up behind bars, Kyle Rayner consumed with rage and being a member of the Red Lanterns, and Atrocitus leading the Manhunters to war. Also, there are two hooded figures while Hal and Sinestro are noticeably missing. What does it all mean?

Doug Mahnke continues to do another great job. While the whole issue has great art, the scenes with Black Hand really stand out and are just down right freaking amazing. They are so dark, creepy, and detailed you can't help but just stare at it. It's really amazing combined with the great inks and coloring. The cover is also just kick butt. It's creepy, dark, and down right cool!

It's good to see a great evil villain be the focus of a Green Lantern story line. It's been a long while since Krona who was the last real villain of the title. While Johns continues to do a great job of making Hal and Sinestro a team we are finally heading to some huge and epic story lines. What is Black Hand's purpose? Is Sinestro finally becoming a great hero? And what are the Guardians's for the Corps? A month long wait is just to long of a wait for this title but it promises to be great and not disappoint.


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