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“The Third Identity of Replikon” (O'Neill/Grell/Patterson) Seeking a home for its children, an alien creature travels to earth on a Ferris-owned asteroid probe. Just before its arrival, its spots Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash in the Justice League satellite and takes their combined form. After escaping a scrap with Hal Jordan, the beast travels to Star City, where it encounters Green Arrow and Black Canary. As Ollie introduces himself and Dinah, the alien lashes out and knocks him unconscious.

Just then, Green Lantern shows up and joins the duo in the fight. Both Green Lantern and Green Arrow lay blows to Replikon. Through ingenuity the trio is able to defeat him, but as they are deciding what to do with him, Replikon rockets into the sky. Green Arrow tries to hold on, but then Replikon turns back into mist, sending the archer hurtling to the ground. Green Lantern makes a cushy landing for the Arrow, but chides himself for letting Replikon get away.

Later that night, Hal tries to cheer himself up by visiting his girlfriend Carol at her hotel. His plans for the night are dashed when he finds she’s already spending the evening with a suave gentleman named Andre. As Andre leaves a swooning Carol Ferris at her door, she remarks about how his foreign charm makes her feel like a schoolgirl. But soon Andre is on the roof of the hotel, where he turns into mist, and solidifies…as Replikon.

“The Champion of the Green Flame” (Burkett/Vosburg/Smith) As Alan Scott enters an apparently deserted warehouse, he is suddenly engulfed in a huge explosion. Observing the damage, he notices there is no heat involved, and no wood was affected. Thus, he comes to the conclusion that his ring, which has been giving him problems, might have caused the explosion.

He encounters a gang of looters, but when he tries to use the ring to detain one of them, the ring lashes out and strikes down the man. He defeats the rest of the gang bare-handed, but is afraid to use the ring again. Later, his friend Jay Garrick encourages him to return to the scene of the crime and investigate the surroundings of the place before throwing in the towel. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Green Lantern notices an energy trail leading away from the ruins, proving that his ring was not related to the explosion. Following the energy trail, he is led to Chinatown, where he is confronted by the master of the Green Dragon and his followers.

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