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Kyle has finally made it back home, but he's not alone: a pre-Parallax Hal Jordan from the past has followed him to the present!

Its Hal like you've never seen him. Hal comes face to face with his dark future. Destroying the corps, sinking into madness, destroying Oa and the Guardians.....will these revelations cause him to go mad again?! find out inside!!!

It's the aftermath of Hal getting swept into the future along with Kyle. Young Hal is very excited for what the future will bring, Kyle of course is very somber. He cant find a way to break the "news" to Hal. While Kyle tries to find words to tell his friend about his future/fate, Hal decides to see what his beloved coast city looks like in the "future". He is shocked when he arrives to city...just vacant land.

Hal completely freaks out at the realization that his city is gone. Once he calms down Kyle reveals his fate....going rogue after the city's destruction and destroying the corp, trying to remake time etc. His eventual death reigniting the sun and how Coast city was made his "memorial" site. Hal listens to the whole thing and then blows up on Kyle, the revelations leave him so emotional he destroys his memorial statue and fly's off. Kyle doesn't follow he allows Hal to sort out his feeling on his own.

Hal full of all kinds of emotions saves a bus load of crippled children and when the teacher calls him an angel for saving them, his "hope" is reignited. This heroic deed allows him to reconcile his emotions and he returns to Kyle. They have a small talk about how they can get him back to his rightful place in time and checking in with the JLA.

On apocalypse Desad tricks the oh so smart Kalibak to attack Hal, he agrees and Desad's plan is sealed.

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