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I Want to Believe

With the Indigo Power Battery destroyed, the Indigo Tribe members return to their evil criminal ways of past. On the run from the angry mob, Hal Jordan and Sinestro must work together to escape with their lives. Meanwhile, Black Hand also tries to escape.

As for action and story, this arc isn't one of the best in the Green Lantern universe. There wasn't much involved with the Indigo Tribe other than revealing their secrets and history. However, Geoff Johns totally nails it when it comes to character development. Sure, this arc merely exists to reveal secrets, histories, and bring back a major villain, but the character development steals the show.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro have always been cool and kick butt awesome. Somehow, Johns took the two characters and enemies, teamed them up, made them rely on each other, made their characters grow, and made fans love every minute of it. Sinestro really seems to be changing into the Green Lantern he was meant to be and thought he was. He seems to see that Hal Jordan has become the Green Lantern that Sinestro never thought he could be and that he needs Hal's help. Meanwhile, Hal is determined to save the Corps and realizes that while Sinestro needed his help, Hal needs him just as much.

However, the story does seem to suffer the same minor setbacks that previous issues did in that the story feels rushed. I'm guessing it has to do with DC getting all current story lines wrapped up before Zero Month. It does just seem a little odd and funny that the Indigo Power Battery is destroyed and then rebuilt in the very next issue!

Doug Mahnke still has it! He does another great job but with four different inkers, it makes Mahnkes art look varied through out the issue. There's a few panels where faces just look completely different. However, the art is still fantastic and the colors are still bright and pop off the page.

Character development isn't something you always get in a comic. But since the 'reboot', Johns has been slowly and carefully developing Hal, Sinestro, and their relationship together as well as where they both fit in the universe. Sure, this arc was really nothing more than revealing a few secrets, bringing back a major villain, and setting up the next big arc, it's a must have simply for the character development and the art. Every month the wait gets longer to see where exactly Sinestro will end up!

Posted by Emperormeister734

I beginning to see a pattern here a lot of of the Central batteries being destroyed

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