starkiller809's Green Lantern #10 - The Secret of The Indigo Tribe, Conclusion review

Hal's Choice

Doug Mahnke does an amazing job on this series. I really like how much detail is in the backgrounds. I also like the facial expressions that are in this issue. I really like the way the aliens look because they all look different and I think that gives you a feeling that the universe is much larger. I really like the story this month. We get to see the ending of this story and it does a pretty good job at finishing the story points that were open. I really like how in the ending they ask Hal if he things that Sinestro can be a hero again and I think that is when I realized that I think that they work well together. I also really like how they keep mentioning that the the Green Lantern Corps may be in it's last few days. 
I don't want to see Black Hand again. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Green Lantern has been a good series that has had a lot of twist and turns and this issue adds onto that. We see some new villains that might cause a couple of problems. We also get to see how Hal is mentoring Sinestro just like he did him. I think that this is an interesting concept and that everyone should check this out. If you're a fan of Green Lantern, you're going to love this or if you want a good story, this is your thing as well.

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