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Hal's Choice 0

THE GOOD: Doug Mahnke does an amazing job on this series. I really like how much detail is in the backgrounds. I also like the facial expressions that are in this issue. I really like the way the aliens look because they all look different and I think that gives you a feeling that the universe is much larger. I really like the story this month. We get to see the ending of this story and it does a pretty good job at finishing the story points that were open. I really like how in the ending they a...

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I Want to Believe 0

With the Indigo Power Battery destroyed, the Indigo Tribe members return to their evil criminal ways of past. On the run from the angry mob, Hal Jordan and Sinestro must work together to escape with their lives. Meanwhile, Black Hand also tries to escape.As for action and story, this arc isn't one of the best in the Green Lantern universe. There wasn't much involved with the Indigo Tribe other than revealing their secrets and history. However, Geoff Johns totally nails it when it comes to charac...

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Will there ever be an Indigo Tribe again? 0

Here is my video review for Green Lantern issue 10. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Rise! 0

This has been my favorite Green Lantern arc since "Blackest Night." Johns really outdid himself with "Secret of the Indigo Tribe" and the art was also amazing, Mahnke and Hi Fi did a fantastic job creating the right atmosphere for this story. Loved it.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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A Beautiful Indigo Phoenix Doesn't Fully Soar 0

[SPOILERS]This issue, is a split bag for me. This arc was definitely rushed at the end here. It begins with the destruction of the Ingdigo Lantern, and ends with the reconstruction of it. It felt very pointless for the most part. But there's three big things it facilitated.The first, is an INTENSELY unique sense of questionable morality. As a freshly freed Sinestro declares he'll murder the Indigo Lanterns for brainwashing him. The Indigo Lanterns who were previously as brainwashed as they tried...

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Rings or no rings 0

In relation to the lead-in this issue doesn't quite meet the level expected of a conclusion to this short story arc, but it does come close.  With Hal and Sinestro hunted by the uninhibited Indigo Tribe they must find a way to return the tribe to their rings, but it is not easy with their only ally in this cause not willing to help.  This is where the slight fall off in this issue comes from.  It is not that the climax here is weak, just a bit more punch was expected to being it home.  Instead i...

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Tribal Warfare 0

At last, the final part of the Secrets of the Indigo Tribe! Johns has delivered a shocker of a story complete with an array of twists and turns about this enigmatic Lantern Corps. Last time, Natromo had shut down the main Indigo Lantern battery, reverting its members back to their original state, that is the worst sadists and psychopaths the universe has ever known! Can Hal and Sinestro find Natromo and convince him to turn the Lantern back on? And what will happen to Black Hand?SPOILERS! YOU HA...

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