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As “THE SECRET OF THE INDIGO TRIBE” races toward its conclusion, all is revealed about the INDIGO LANTERNS!

Leads into next issue’s shocking turn of events that can’t be missed!

The Secret of the Indigo Tribe Conclusion

Green Lantern's Hal Jordan and Sinestro are racing for escape from the depowered Indigo Tribe, who have been reduced to an apathetic group of criminals bent of revenge against the Green Lanterns. Only the Black Hand alone does not join the pursuit and instead flings away his Indigo ring and flees into the jungles on Nok. When Hal and Sinestro finally catch up with the fleeing Natromo, they capture him. Hal leaves Sinestro to fight off the former Indigo Tribe members without his Green Power Ring charged as he brings Natromo back to the cave housing the Indigo Tribe Power Battery. Indigo sees the two fleeing and breaks off the chase of Sinestro to pursue.

Once they are back at the cave, Hal convinces Natromo to rebuild the battery, but they find that he can't without an indigo spark of light. Indigo catches up with Hal and Natromo at the cave and pleads with Natromo to fix the battery because she knows who she is without it. Hal Jordan asks her what it made her feel, to which Indigo replies "Sadness." This spark of compassion is all Natromo needs to restore the Indigo Power Battery, bringing all Indigo Lanterns back online, including Sinestro. Hal asks for Sinestro's release and Indigo asks if Hal believes Sinestro can be a hero again without being forced to feel compassion.

Meanwhile, Black Hand escapes his reactivated Indigo Ring by jumping to his death, only to be revived soon after by a Black Power Ring.

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