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A Zero Month crossover issue. After the events of Zero Hour #0, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Parallax Hal Jordan are locked in combat. A tunnel carries them through time and space to present-day Oa, which still shows the debris caused by Emerald Twilight. Face to face with the destruction he has wrought, and powerless due to his energies being drained during Zero Hour, Hal stops fighting. Hal appeals to Kyle, asking him to give one more chance to be a hero. The two share a moment where they come to understand each other, and Kyle gives Hal his ring. Hal immediately begins to misuse the power, and Kyle tries to get it back. Hal attacks a powerless Kyle, who is forced to escape into the labyrinths beneath OA. Stumbling upon the resting place of deceased Green Lantern Corpsmen, Kyle sets am ambush and gets his ring back. Now re-powered, Hal attacks, but Kyle decides to destroy Oa instead. Hal tries to stop him, but Kyle is successful in destroying Oa. Kyle appears to be the sole survivor, and heads back to Earth. 

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