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Pure Kung Fu action comes to a small town! It's the beginning of a new era for Green Hornet in Century City, following the Outcast storyline. Now, the new Green Hornet and Kato hit the road in search of Mulan's father, Hayashi. The original Kato has gone looking for a connection to his youth. What he has found will teach the new Green Hornet team that deadly danger isn't exclusive to the streets of Century City.

Kato has left Century City, and went to Lithia Iowa, to heed the distress call from a woman he had saved years ago. After she tries to convince him her son Seymour, who is fat lazy slob, is Kato's son, she then begs him to help their small town. Kato then saves the woman and Seymour from some redneck meth dealers. After stopping the rednecks from burning down the woman's home, Kato turns his attention to his "son" and berates him for not stopping the rednecks himself.

Meanwhile back in Century City, Mulan, Britt and Moonbeam, learn from Clutch that Kato has left town and after figuring out where Kato had went the team decide to track him down. When they arrive in Lithia, Britt takes off his Green Hornet disguise and asks news editor of the Lithia Weekly Times if he has heard any news. The editor informs Britt that a vigilante has broken up a meth ring in town, that went all the way up to the mayor. Britt assumed that it was Kato but it shocked to learn that it was credited to Seymour.

Meanwhile, Gravilov, a big time gun runner, his wife, and their son, Nikita, leave Berbera, Somalia, to head to Century City.

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