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Last time we saw what Phil Urich was really made of as he flew his glider into a Sentinel's head! Unfortunately, it also destroyed his mask in the process. What's going to happen now? Can you say... nothing?


Phil takes his mask to Fast Freddie, who doesn't recognize that it's the Green Goblin mask, he just starts playing with it, until he admits he can't fix it (big surprise). Phil goes to the Bugle to find out that he's a victim of right-sizing (in more ways than one), and gets laid off from his intern job. Phil decides to go out as the Goblin anyway, with a green ski-mask and a ten-speed.

However, after running around for a while, he realizes that he's not in very good shape for that kind of thing without his enhanced powers. While resting on a rooftop, he hears a purse-snatching in progress. But, Phil's pumpkin bomb lands on another building. Just as the punks are preparing to beat the crap out of Phil, Spider-Ben shows up, webs everybody into submission, and swings off into the night.

Dejected and depressed, Phil walks back to his loft (his bike was stolen), just in time to get a call from Lynn Walsh. They're having a 'lay-off party', and Phil goes to see Lynn. She however, is only interested in the Green Goblin file. However, Merr is there and she says that she's going back to school. That gives Phil an idea. He finally decides to put his toys away and get his life going again. He grabs all his goblin-gear, and drops it off at Osborn Warehouse. The End!

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