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Team Arrow follows the trail of those responsible for shooting Connor Hawke to London and finds out who was behind that heinous act.

Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

Ollie, Dinah and Speedy stare at disbelief at the aliens on the floor. They ask Hal Jordon in help with extraterrestrial aliens. He reveals that they are just humans wearing alien costumes. Speedy discovers that the men in the alien costumes are from New Jersey. Back in a hotel room, the both of them are tied up and the three are ready to interrogate them. However, they take a different approach, and introduce to them a man wearing underwear with a clown face, and very old woman wearing furry white underwear with bunny ears and a sheep with a biker's hat on its head. The two men, scared of the possibilities, confess that it was "some English guy".

At London, Speedy sits at a bar and spots a man with a long beard, a woman with glasses and a gangster of some sort wearing a red cap. Speedy then meets a stranger who offers her a drink but she refuses. The gangster in a red cap then says "Dodger" and the strange man reveals a charge weapon, and throws it towards him which creates an explosion. Speedy then grabs him and throws him to the ground, with Dinah and Ollie in the bar as well. Dodger then throws another explosive towards Dinah and Ollie. Ollie grabs an arrow of his, and Dodger throws another explosive which causes Ollie to jump out of the way. Dinah then goes up behind Dodger with a sword to his throat. Dodger explains himself and says that paying him a good amount of money to him will give him them the information they need.

On the rooftop of the bar, Ollie asks Dodger if it's an actual alien space craft. Dodger replies, by saying he doesn't know, and he suggested that they wear alien costumes for payback, as the Americans were calling him "tea bag". Dinah then asks who had had it five weeks ago, and Dodger mentions "cabal of killers" which Ollie reacts to. Dinah then recognises that Dodger is talking about the League of Assassins. Dodger says confirms that, and asks them if they've ever heard of them. Ollie replies, by saying that they're employed by Ra's Al Ghul.

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