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With a recent tragedy hanging over their heads, Green Arrow and Black Canary realize that they may not have actually gotten married. But will they try again or drift apart in the wake of all that's happened to them? Featuring art by Amanda Conner (GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY WEDDING SPECIAL)!

Black Canary and Red Arrow are going over and over the footage to try to find out who shot Connor. Roy asks why Batman isn't looking into it if he's the one that crated the program they're using to look at the spectrum analysis. She says he's looking into other things. Doctor Mid-Nite comes in and tells Dinah he's finished looking over Connor. He says he's in perfect physical health but his mind is a complete blank. Mid-Nite asks how Ollie's doing. Dinah says he hasn't left Connor's side. Also that today is Connor's birthday.

Ollie sits by Connor's side. He's been reading to him but says that he promised Dinah he'd talk to him about when he met Connor's mother. Ollie was a big time womanizing jerk. Hanging out with three women outside a club, a woman walks up to him and tells hims she's Sandra Hawke. Ollie likes what he sees but says he's already busy but she's welcome to join them, if she's into that. Sandra tells him that they already slept together. Ollie says he wishes he could remember that and Sandra cuts him off. She says she's pregnant. After a moment of shock, Ollie says "Paternit Test." He says she should get rid of it but if she does have it, he wants a paternity test. As he storms off, she says she doesn't want money or anything but he doesn't understand why she would be coming to him then.

Eight months later, Sandra has given birth. Ollie visits her in the hospital and sees Connor for the first time. When she comments he looks different, he says he is. He had some "boat trouble" and is a new man. He tells her he's going to set up a bank account and she can take as much from it as she wants. She insists again that it was never about money. Ollie tells her to take it and that he can't be a father. He's doing more important things. He also tells her not to tell Connor about him and leaves.

Years later, Ollie asks Batman to help him find his son. He figures since Batman has a "son," he'd help. Batman says he doesn't have a son. Ollie tells him that he's raising him and basically is his father but Batman says he's more than a son. He fights by his side. Ollie wouldn't understand that.

Young Connor has been getting expelled from school after school. When Sandra is called in to his final school before being sent off to juvenile detention, she says he has a problem with his temper and he was bullied. The principal says it's more than that since he seriously injured three boys. Sandra decides to tell Connor about his father. Connor thinks it's cool. She takes him to the monastery that Ollie went to in the hopes that he will be able to control his anger and impulses. Batman later gives this information to Ollie.

Ollie feels bad about how he kept pushing Connor away. He says he is going to make things right now. Dinah walks in and tells him that he has been making it right. Ollie tells her he wants to take care of Connor. He's going to give up being Green Arrow to do it. He says it's because of that that Connor was injured. He wants to be his father. Dinah smiles and tells him to marry her. Ollie says they are but she reminds him that it wasn't him at the ceremony. Ollie agrees but insists on a small ceremony this time.

Wonder Woman performs the ceremony while Superman watches from above and Batman from behind. After they are married, Dinah suggest they go on a honeymoon since he was "dead" after the last time they tried getting married. Ollie says he wants to stay close by for now. She understands.

To their shock, they find one of Connor's nurses, dead at the bottom of the stairs. Ollie runs up, busts through the door and finds the room empty except for the other nurse, also dead. With a look of extreme anger, he tells Dinah to get his "damn bow."

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