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The second story arc of this hit new series begins with a tragedy for Oliver Queen!

With Connor Hawke getting shot in the heart, Black Canary attempts to get on the radio to call for some emergency help, but she can’t seem to find a frequency. It’s a total frenzy with everyone screaming at each other. Oliver thinks up an idea and calls out for Clark Kent, aka Superman. Clark hears and races over the sea and grabs Oliver, heading for the hospital in Miami.

At the hospital, the hospital director is trying to explain to Wonder Woman that they’re not equipped for this situation. She explains that if there were ever a security issue, they wouldn’t be prepared for it. Wonder Woman walks back in to reassure the hospital director when they’re in awe with Oliver in a frenzy over Connor. The other members of the Justice League are trying to calm him down when Hal flies in and explains to Oliver what the situation is. But Oliver, too concerned for his son urges Hal to help Connor with all his power, when Hal shouts back at Oliver, saying that he will help all he can. Black Canary calms Oliver down when Black Lightning asks Wonder Woman to secure the area, due to them shouting and using their first names. Wonder Woman takes the back exit out and Batman flies in and tells her that the area is secure. Wonder Woman urges Batman to come inside when Batman refuses, saying that he would be no help here.

Superman walks back in the room and explains to Oliver that he was scanning the outer orbit, and found nothing. The rest of the team walks out in search of what actually hit Connor. With that, Black Canary, Red Arrow, Speedy and Connor himself stays behind. Connor blames himself for not being a father to Connor. Hal walks out and explains that Connor is healed the bullet had a toxin, which entered his bloodstream and made its way to his brain. Oliver runs into the room which Connor’s in and sees his son, in a coma and braindead.

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