New Green Arrow Series.........

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So I have been a huge fan of Green Arrow for a long time, probably my favorite comic character of all time! But this new series is kinda......well.........crap, sad to admit. And last issue at the end it said "next issue Black Canary!" and I thought to myself "Great, the series will be cool with Black Canary working with Green Arrow and the story can progress and it will be great!" Well I just got done with issue 3 and no Black Canary and probably the worst comic I have read in a looooooong time. But to sum everything up, is anyone else liking this series? And did anyone else catch the whole Black Canary thing as well while they were reading???

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I dropped it after issue one. If Krul was really smart about the whole thing he should have just used the new green arrow series to continue on from the ending of green arrow year one. but thats just me

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I haven't minded it so far. I'm not enamored with it as I am with some other titles, nor is it ranking as high as it used to...

But the good news for those not feeling it is the upcoming creative shift.

Weirdly enough, I didn't notice the Black Canary thing. Weird.

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I hated Krul's previous work on Green Arrow. Ollie has been slipping since Judd Winick left. Now when I want my Green Arrow fix I just buy back issues from Mike Grell's run.

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a new writer is coming, so who knows, maybe that will bring in some new material

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I count it as one of the four worst series of the 52 it is in third place

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I'm with you man; Green Arrow is my fav character and this new series is intolerable. It sounds like a poorly written screenplay for kids with the characters dialogue merely describing the plot rather than interacting with other characters. The inclusion of QCore (apple) products like qPhones and qPads and villains using the internet (yes they bolded the word in issue 1) feels soooo forced and an obvious ploy to try and appeal to a younger generation of readers. Please don't give us a young hip Ollie that's tech savvy with a Bart Simpson attitude; give us our longbow hunter ollie. He should be worn and weary, has been thru a lot physically and emotionally but still tries to see the best in humanity.

I actually had decent hopes for this series with Krul at the helm as I thought brightest day green arrow was certainly a passable storyline and that the character whose changes I was vary wary of (changing everything from his costume to his bow type to his home city) would still be in the capable hands of an author who at the very least had respect for the character. Instead they're retconning Ollies personality to fit the smallville mold. If this is the kind of green arrow they're going to push to give us a GA tv show or JLA character or whatever the latest hollywood rumor is than I'm not at all interested.

I've never been mad over a comic before; i always knew that in a couple weeks we could return to the character in a new authors hands; however the foundation that has been laid for our beloved Green Arrow is beyond the pale and merely switching the author isn't going to help the core issues that are wrong. DC's description for #4 doesn't seem all that thrilling; I bought the first 2 issues but couldn't even make it thru #2; next week I'll probablly just read #4 in the store. As moviegeek17 said he should've been picked up after the events of Year 1; or even better, had the relaunch be handled by Andy Diggle and Jock!

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@Superguy0009e said:

a new writer is coming, so who knows, maybe that will bring in some new material

I'm hoping it does

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@TheRedRobin96: I don't recall it ending with "Next: Black Canary" was that issue #2?

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@Xangel said:

As moviegeek17 said he should've been picked up after the events of Year 1; or even better, had the relaunch be handled by Andy Diggle and Jock!

Yeah, that would've been 10000 times better! That's Green Arrow: Year One that made me a fan of Green Arrow :)

@blur1528: Yep, end of issue #2.

And no sign of Black Canary in issue #3...
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@hectorsquall: Well... yep everything I'm hearing saddens me. Some lost potential going on...

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Yeah, just dropped it at issue 8, after this long and with two creative teams, it still sucks. 
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I am honestly 110% heartbroken by what they have done with my favorite DC character. It's truly sad.

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I did not mind the first few issues compared to the recent few with the new creative team... I'm sad to say its had more then enough chances with me! Until another team starts working on it I won't be reading.

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As someone who actually really supports the New 52 and think it has done far more good than it has bad, this is DEFINITELY one of the bad. It is so terrible because Ollie is one of my favorite characters. In fact when I heard about the N52 all I could think is "He's getting ANOTHER reboot?" Granted the others were just renumbering but still. Excessive. For a character that WB seems interested in pushing mainstream with the show and all, it seems odd that DC didn't really do him justice. I think they tried WAY too hard to make him DC's Iron Man.

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So at BaltimoreCon Dan Didio slyly asked Jeff Lemire at the DC Panel if he liked Green Arrow as a character. Lemire kind of shrugged it off and didn't answer. THEN last night Lemire was retweeting a bunch of stuff about the show ARROW.

Is there even the smallest chance that Lemire could be taking over writing duties of Green Arrow--or am I just letting myself dream away?

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it was just announced that Lemire will be writing Green Arrow starting with issue 17.


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