Would "The Longbow Hunters" make a good DC Animated movie?

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I just finished all three books of this story, and it was very, very good.
Does anyone here think that "The Longbow Hunters" would be a good entry for the DC Universe Original Animated Movies?

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I do belive it would be a good animated movie, but i don't think DC would do it because Green Arrow is not the most well know character, and they would run the risk of not making enough money off of it. If DC would just realease the Green Arrow series by Mike Grell, that followed "The Longbow Hunters" in trade form    i would be more than happy.
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Who cares if it's a risk? I'm not sitting through another Superman/Batman. The best part of that movie was, you guessed it, the Green Arrow short. I'd really love to see one full length. I admit, I haven't read much Green Arrow, but I seriously intend to get Longbow Hunters now that someone on the internet has told me to do so. AWAAAAAAAAY!!!

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i think the longbow hunters is too deep and dark to make it animated
but i do believe it would make a great green arrow movie plot

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@mrtrickster: One thing that's always pissed me off about animated movies based directly on story arcs is that they never carry over the internal monologue. In most cases, it makes the story. But then again, I can see how it would drag things out when translated from sequential art to animation. Still, I wanna see something GA that's longer then twelve minutes.
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@comix christian: 
Hell yeah Longbow Hunters would make a good animated film. Over the years I've been collecting Mike Grell's run on GA. I've got the first 35 or so. I have no idea why you cant find these stories in trade.
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@CaptainCockblock: i think if they make a green arrow animated, the archer's quest would be a great choice
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Yes it would make a good animated movie.  Good idea.

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