Why was green arrow beeing hunted down?

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Green Arrow #1

i know he kill promethus but so what, that man was a murder, and yet when green arrow did the right thing by putting him down ever one made him look like a villian. to be honest hes one of the best heroes out there because he knows to protect lives u have to kill villans while other heroes are to to scared to kill or they want an excuse to be call heroes by letting villians live so they can fight them overe and over. wut do you think?
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@justice teen: It seems like it was a quick attempt to make him a outlaw like the Rise and Fall storyline was to get Green Arrow and Roy Harper from point a to point b so that's why it might not make sense for him to have been on the run. 
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I don't think killing is ever the right thing. Green Arrow is one of my favorites but killing makes him no better than the guys he's fighting. More to the point though, I think that woman (her name escapes me) who is running Queen Industries put a hit on GA because she still sees him as a threat to her coming to power. Of course that may be wrong, that's just what I've been getting while reading this story line.

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