Why does he not wear a mask in the show?

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How is it a good idea to wear face paint instead of a mask when your acting as a crime fighter? It does not conceal his identity or provide any aid. Now a mask has a better chance of providing ID protection and offer cool features like night, x-ray, or thermo vision .

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The mask that Ollie wears in the comics?

I seriously doubt that's gonna hide his identity from anyone.

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The mask he wears in the comics is pretty much the exact same thing as his face paint in the show.

They went realisticish with Arrow so fitting infared, nightvison, or other tech like that into a little domino mask is very not realistic. Makes me a little nervous to see how they'll handle Flash.

#4 Posted by jointron33 (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, considering that he ISN'T Green Arrow yet........

#5 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23238 posts) - - Show Bio

A domino mask would conceal his identity just as well as the face-paint, except the paint doesn't move around on your head. He keeps the hood up and mostly tries to avoid face-to-face contact anyway.

#6 Posted by comicbookfan93 (428 posts) - - Show Bio

@pokeysteve: don't worry about the flash because they've said that super powers are being introduced in the new season primarily due to flash

#7 Posted by TDK_1997 (15248 posts) - - Show Bio

The mask that he wears in comic books won't do much.It will be just like painting his face and putting the hood on.But the whole secret identity thing in Arrow looks ridiculous.

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