Who would you want to see in Arrow(new or old)?

Posted by CyborgFanatic (23 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Who would you want to see in Arrow(new or old)? (17 votes)

Huntress(I know she's been in) 41%
Batgirl 29%
Cyborg 41%
Catwoman 24%
Red Robin 24%
Nightwing(I know he's already confirmed but... yea) 41%
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Nightwing was never confirmed. Just throwing that out there.

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The Great Ten, since they used Yao Fei.

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Just Nightwing from this list. But that's the only Bat-related character (hero) I want in it. None of the others except possibly Huntress (just because she was already in it), and I don't think Cyborg would fit too well.

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Out of everyone you asked,Cyborg. But if NW wasn't confirmed, then him.

Other than that, I would really like to see Katana for sure. Someone like her.

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I think Arrow might do best to avoid Bat-characters (the hero characters, that is). So out of those listed, my vote goes to Huntress. She was vaguely interesting in her earlier appearances. Maybe they can bring her back and make her into a character we can all respect.

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Huntress for sure.

Probably have to recast the actress though.

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The Question, I know he's not on the list so its a write in vote.

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I just voted for everyone

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A Green Arrow character and not Batman related at all.

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Constantine Drakon done right!
The Monkey Fist Cult and ultimately Shiva.

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