What's Green Arrow up to?

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I'm a bit behind on my knowledge of the newest events in the DCU, I know the basics of Blackest Night, Battle for the Colw, etc. but I have no idea what has become of Green Arrow much later than his marriage to Black Canary. What's he doing? He's not a JLA member anymore, not in any of the big stories (I think), and he's just dissapeared. Is he back to his basic street-level crime fighting? What is the Emerald Archer up to?

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He is one of the characters to watch in 2010 along with Roy, for the first time in a long time the arrow family is having its own mini-event.
The stories will be "The Fall of Green Arrow" featured in his ongoing book and "The rise of Arsenal" in Roy's own miniseries. 
Both are written by JT Krul

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Cool. So the arrow fam is going through some stuff. I always thought it was funny that Roy is currently working in the JLA with his figurative mother-in-law!And Ollie isn't!

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