The start of Green Arrow's troubles (CFJ and JL spoilers)

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Okay the DC blog just released images of next weeks Justice League. And it hints at what the major events are at the end of Cry for Justice. 
Now I don't know how you feel about spoilers being released before the series is over. I think that the delays of one series should not prevent other series' releases dates. 

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We have already seen some of the results of Cry fo Justice in JLA and Titans,this series like Flash Rebirth should have finished 2 or 3 months ago.DC can't seem to get things out on time and yes it's really annoying!

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It really makes me think it's the choice of artist. Writers usually have their stories written months and in some cases years in advance. I don't know how much of a spoiler this was meant to be I think Cry for Justice was delayed since it comes out that exact same week as this issue of Justice League. I think Cry was late and they just put them together in the same week.

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