The Arrow on CW: How close to Batman are they going to get?

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In case you haven't heard, The CW may be picking up a Green Arrow tv show for its upcoming fall-spring season. While its not the biggest news (its just a pilot right now, and we have seen previous DC pilots never make it out of the water before), it is pretty exciting. The Oliver Queen character made an impression on fans of CW's Smallville, and with that show finished its fans are probably looking for something to fill the void. But will this really be a good idea, or just that? a place holder.

The popular (and possibly confirmed, im not sure) rumor about Green Arrow in Smallville was that CW could not get the rights for Batman on tv while Christopher Noland's movie franchise was still going, so they brought in the similar character of Green Arrow to fill the space. With only some minor tweeks to his character, GA was able to play most of the roles Bruce Wayne and Batman would have. Romantic interest to Lois (an idea made popular in the Batman/Superman animated movie and tv series of the 90's, and randomly throughout comics since). Financial benefactor for other heroes. Technological guru. Good friend and at times conflicting personality to Clark Kent.

.... but how close to Batman are they willing to make Green Arrow?

As comics readers, many of us see Batman and Green Arrow with glaring differences. Its personal dedication vs reluctant responsibility. The two have butted heads several times in comics, and its always been perfectly reasonable and almost expected. But it seems like non-readers and Hollywood types all see them as roughly the same character. The rich guy with the bat-toys vs the rich guy with the Arrow-toys. It has already been announced that this new Arrow show would be dark and edgy. What exactly does that mean? we already saw Green Arrow take on a "work voice" similar to Batmans, something he has never done or even considered in the comics. He also ended up pretty much putting the Justice League together, something his lonestar of a comics character would never do. So whats to stop the guys over at THE CW from giving GA an Arrow cave and an Arrow Mobile? A butler? Detective skills? An Arrow Signal? Are they going to make Merlin a crazy random killer like the Joker?

As someone who was deeply distraught by the direction Smallville took after season 5, i already know i have a very biased and skeptical opinion of this new show. But how about you Green Arrow/Smallville fans out there? How much change is too much change? Towards the end, Smallville pretty much became a way to showcase (arguably) un-loyal tv adaptations of comics characters. Would you be ok if that continued in Arrow? And exactly how much can CW change Green Arrow before people start to see him as "Batman with Arrows"?

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The one thing about comic book adaptions that I'm sure many of you are also frustrated by is the fact that people seem to think they know everything there is to know because they saw it on TV or in the Cinema. Characters like Superman and Batman have divided into many franchises of their own, but very few other DC characters have achieved such a status, and the last thing I would want is for DC Comics to lose the 'Comics' part of their name.

If you haven't figured where I'm getting at, the reason why I prefer DC is because they have wisely tried to keep from losing the freedom that Marvel have inevitably lost from extensive exposure to the public. Throwing lesser known characters (like Green Arrow) into the spotlight takes away their value, and ultimately does more damage to the character than it does help them.

If DC are insistent to do things like this, the one thing I would ask is to do justice to the characters, and not make them like a Green Batman with Arrows. The unique comic book history is something that DC should be proud of, and I don't understand how any true fan could allow these 75 years to be justified by a cheap piece of rubbish that came straight from the mind of the ignorant public, not from the hearts of fans.

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This isn't to say that this is what will definitely happen, but rather that what will probably happen.

Just ask any person that doesn't read comics what the origin of the Joker is, and I'll guarantee they'll mention his mouth being ripped open with razors.... Get the picture?

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"i remember the time me and my friend Wayne had a wild night in Gotham city"....THAT'S IT,PROBABLY JUST A ONE LINER =(

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@Jonny_Rogers said:

This isn't to say that this is what will definitely happen, but rather that what will probably happen.

Just ask any person that doesn't read comics what the origin of the Joker is, and I'll guarantee they'll mention his mouth being ripped open with razors.... Get the picture?

i do indeed. My fave characters are Superboy and Robin (Tim Drake). People say they are fans of one of them, but they dont actiually know squat about either outside of the Teen Titans and Young Justice Cartoons (and none of them seem to understand that the robins they know are only dick Grayson by name, and are all portrayed with Tim Drakes personality).

This is kinda what my problem was with Smallville, and most of DC's adaptations of things. They let other companies do whatever they want, and half of them fail. Meanwhile Marvel is taking control of their properties, and its doing them wonders.... but DC isnt getting the hint.yet.

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