So......where can they even go with Season 2?

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Sure, there's the whole Deadshot plot, as well as the island stuff and eventually Shado and Deathstroke making it to the present. There's also the whole Star City being in ruins thing. But besides that, what could the direction be for Season 2?

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China White storyline?

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Possibly introduce the League of Assassins.

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Well there's the people who trained Merlyn they could deal with, Deathstroke is becoming a series regular next year so that's full of possibilities or they could do what some are suggesting and make it part of the same world as Man of Steel and slowly introduce the concept of meta-humans.

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@joshmightbe: No. Then, what was the point of making a more "realistic" version of Count Vertigo?

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@jointron33: Didn't say they should just that its an option, they could even turn Vertigo into a meta if they want.

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