Should Mia Dearden return to the New 52?

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I would personally love her to come back :D

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yes she should return

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I don't see why not.

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It could make Green Arrow's book more interesting.

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I say a big NO!!!!. Green Arrow doesn't need her holding him back. He does fine all by himself. He also doesn't need Black Canary. Why do people think that a male super hero or even a male villian needs a female to make them interesting?

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I say within the next year or so it would be nice to see her come back and become speedy again. it has nothing to do with her being female, it has to do with himself relating to the people he serves. Mia, besides her training and expertise in vigilantism, is just another citizen trying to get by. I would love for Green Arrow to actually have some resemblance to his past, while staying unique and new. In that argument many would say well thats why we should not have Mia come back. Her is the thing, a character like Mia can be brought into a whole new different light, she isnt a robin, where all the robins exist and have some ties to Pre New 52. I glimpse Green Arrow whenever I can, and I gotta say I am not impressed. It is time for some hero or villian from Ollie's past to show up, these new characters and villians are just not working out. Also, if Mia is to come back, Oliver has to have a reason. Something important must happen to him before he takes on another partner. Things didnt go well with Roy, and I haven't had much word of him in the GA series besides the quick glimpse in #0. So, an allusion to Roy, Mia, or past hero would be nice, with influence from a past villain, in a situation where Oliver is in desperate means and comes out needing assistance or guidance.

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I think she could fit in. I always thought that the Speedy sidekick role could be famous like all the Robin's were. If she would return I would like her to maybe become her own heroine and maybe make place for a third Speedy?

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wessaari, Roy Harper has been featured in the new 52 series Red Hood and the Outlaws, where it tells us that after becoming a hopeless alcoholic oliver kicks him out and cuts him off from all of his money and resources. After trying to kill himself his new AA sponsor, killer kroc, helps him out of a deep depression and he joins up with jason todd and starfire. so with the standing position of the series right now it would be very interesting to see a new speedy come into place, mostly because i like seeing side kicks in series but also because liek wessaari mention THERE'S NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS NEW GREEN ARROW COMICS. They completely f**ked it up, the first five issues were decent but when they let Ann Nocenti start writing for it it went to the dogs, she's a horrible writer who does nothing but ruin every hero she has taken on and i don't see why people are allowing her to continue writing

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@roy666: Watch your language. Also, Nocenti hasn't been writing Green Arrow for months. Jeff Lemire is the current writer.

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To be quite honest, I am not familiar with Mia Dearden. But I think that Ollie could benefit from having a sidekick.

I'd love to see Artemis Crock brought to comics (separately of her brief appearance in Teen Titans; they could just create a new character who operates under the same name). I loved her in Young Justice and would love to see her in comics.

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@roy666: Wow youre pretty misinformed arent you? Nocenti hasnt been on the book for around 1/2 a year now. Ever since Jeff Lemire took over the books been amazing.

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I feel like it might be an odd time, ollie just lost his company and is getting to know his half sister

maybe later, maybe after he gets a company going again and he sends to an ashram or place to train/find herself

then he finds mia or something, but i dont think the time is right

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Why not?

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Yes. But i rather have Connor Hawke . (Connor Hawke of Earth 2 doesnt count since he suposed to be Roy Macqueen)

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Yes, it could work

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