New To Green Arrow - Required Reading?

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Okay, I never really read Green Arrow. I've read team books where he's appeared, but just for some reason never got around to reading his solo adventures. (I read Green Arrow/Green Lantern) I switched the order of those, whatever.

Anyway, I just started Green Arrow after reading great reviews on CV after Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino taking over with issue 17, and it has quickly moved up to the top of my pull list among other great titles. I know his basic origin just from being a comic fan, but still haven't really delved too deep into his background. What would you recommend I read if I just started with issue 17? Are there any definitive origin stories, villain origins, etc. that I need to read? I know he battle Deathstroke quite a bit, can you recommend any particularly good stories in which Deathstroke is a star?

Thanks in advance!

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The two biggest books you need to check out for Green Arrow are Green Arrow: Year One and Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters. Year One's the definitive origin, while Longbow Hunters is a classic story that later GA stories still pull ideas and concepts from. Lemire's current run really borrows from Longbow Hunters and Mike Grell's uncollected (soon to be collected) run, Lemire's run is also somewhat reminiscent of Year One.

And then Identity Crisis is where the Deathstroke vs. Ollie thing begins.

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@the_tree: Thanks a ton! You've been a huge help.

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@dabee: check out arrow tv show btw. You can stream it online. Its damn good

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