Is Green Arrow a "Liberal Marxist Communist"?

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I was googling Green Arrow when I discovered a website called It says Green Arrow is a "Liberal Marxist Communist". It's obvious he's liberal but I don't see how he's a "marxist communist". What is your opinion?

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He is a passionate guy who believes no one should get away with doing something wrong. I am not sure he cares for labels allot if someone called him something he would shrug it off.

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The defining attribute of Green Arrow's 'politics' is that he's anti-establishment, whatever the establishment happens to be. If you read Marx's writings you'll find that there is nothing inherently 'evil' about them. Communism, like Capitalism, sounds great in theory, but the practical reality of both is less than ideal. Any political or idealogical system has flaws that can be exploited by those who aren't very scrupulous. Green Arrow is against anyone who profits at the expense of others, this doesn't make him a Marxist anymore than it makes him a Klingon.
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I believe Fox News lingered on how Wonder Woman's new costume was un-American when they had never read a comic in their lives. People will go without caring about something until it changes in a way that they can exploit to make them seem right. I'm not just hating on the conservatives. Everyone's an idiot. Or a bastard. 'Cause in the end, we all have a Lex Luthor in us. Right here. Touches heart and smiles warmly. My place in hell is assured. 

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Green Arrow is a no-superpowered hero who wants to look out for the interests of the common/ordinary man.  Whether against super-villains, big business or big government.   
He's is a liberal, but he only comes off as a Marxist communist when written poorly or when a person reading his character injects his own pre-conceived ideas into  the story or character. 
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It is literally impossible to be both a liberal (even if what you mean is social liberal) and a communist.

Those two are completely opposite ideologies.

Green Arrow is a social liberal.

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Old ass bump.

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Green Arrow sticks up for the everyman....and fights the system

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There's a vocal segment within the American conservative population that will label anyone who is liberal a socialist, communist, and/or Marxist. To them, if you don't fall lockstep into their own view of the world or if your politics even suggest the slightest leftward stance, there is no difference between a liberal and a communist. That segment also shares the conservative glee in painting media, mainstream or otherwise, as liberal propagandists. It sure sounds as if the people behind this story fit into that segment.

The people behind are likely of a similar mind to Allen West...

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OK so..capitalism sounds "great" in much as frank miller writes "poorly".

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