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At first, I believed that giving Green Arrow the Robin Hood treatment was going to hurt him. The whole living in the forest with vendetta against the establishment and a soft spot for the downtrodden people angle was a little tired. Of course Ollie has always had the philosophy of RH, but there was also a down-to-earth feel in his stories that made Ollie his own person, rather than a cheap knockoff. This was the feel that I had hoped JT Krul would have kept from Ollie's last volume.
After reading the first issue and seeing Krul do his thing with the Robin Hood philosophy, I admit that the outcome I was expecting was completely wrong. Krul has made this thing work. Despite the strong overtones of the RH mythology, Krul has still managed to make it his own and maintain originality. This is the first time in a long time that Ollie is getting the respect that is due to him. It was interesting, funny, poignant, and had social relevance. It is going to be a long month to wait for GA #2.
On a side note, I've been noticing that some people cannot understand why this is a new volume. I admit that it is a continuation of the previous storyline, but I think that the change in Ollie's character is what warrants a new volume. So much has happened to him (and the Queen family) that this is where Ollie's new life is going to begin, and with new beginnings comes a chance to redefine the character.

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The first issue is my pick of the week!!!  5 out of 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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