Green Arrow's greatest archer feats

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What are some of Green Arrow's most incredible feats using a bow and an arrow?Has he ever hit an extremely small target far away before?

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If you are really interested I recommend getting the Green Arrow Secret Files and Origins one-shot. In that issue GA tells a story about how he hit a target about a foot wide from over 200 yards away with a bow meant for close range shooting. It's a very cool story!

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Well, not an actual feet, but I always loved it when Ollie claimed Roy could "Shoot a flying bird while falling off a building".

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get in here...

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using hal's ring against sinestro was cool , also this

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Green Lantern #84 Peril in Plastic, Green Arrow is standing on a boat He shoots Hal is powerring the arrow goes between his fingers from really far away so they can fight blackhand.

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@Billy Batson: you rang

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@Final Arrow:

omg, you replied to a green arrow thread. Rarely see that :p

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@SoA said:

using hal's ring against sinestro was cool , also this

Is that Prometheus?

Looks awesome.

Any more great feats to share?

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@Final Arrow: Thats not a feet. Green Arrow taking out ZH Parallax is up there in the greatest displays of PIS/WIS of all time.

Also, am I the only one who hated Cry for Justice and the Rise and Fall of Arsenal? Seemed like lousy, contrived, shock based writing through and through to me.

Not to be overly negative or anything.......

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