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What is happening with the Green Arrow series?  Did GA/Black Canary series end at Issue 29?  I know GA is slated for a new #1 in a few months but looked at LoneStar Comics and see that GA is supposed to have Issues #30-#32.  Are they out yet? 
Any ideas on this?   
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Green Arrow #30 was a Blackest Night tie-in, Green Arrow #31 came out in March, I think, and Green Arrown #32 comes out this month.
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thanks for the info...will have to make sure my "local" shop get those issues in my pull box.  kind of difficult not having a comic shop in town.  I live in Alaska (Juneau) and my comic shop is in Anchorage.  About 600 miles NW (as the plane flies).  Most of my info comes from the net. 
Thanks again for the update. 
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You're welcome. I enjoyed the Blackest Night tie-in, mainly the art, Diogenes Neves. I don't have the other issues, but I'm pretty fond of Jt Krul, so, No prob.
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Green arrow #32 just came out today if you missed it, and then it skips may and the relaunch happens in June.  Also get brightest day 0 because there's a pretty big GA tie-in.

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