Green Arrow so far...

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Now that Green Arrow is done struggling with B-class villains whose only motive is becoming internet celebrities, he can finally focus on something more interesting and substantial. I am hoping that Green Arrow really gets kick-started now so that it could be saved from mediocrity. The twist at the end does look fairly promising and could provide a more interesting challenge for . Emerson growing dissatisfaction and contempt for Oliver could also make a great sub-plot.

I am really hoping when Ann Nocenti begins her run on Green Arrow, she can focus more on Oliver Queen and give him some proper character development since DCNU Ollie has been bland so far. It just doesn't feel like this is Ollie's book yet, maybe and hopefully all that would change very soon

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Is it too late to reboot the reboot? Green Arrow is a top three character for me and this book is awful. The fact that it's Green Arrow is the only reason I keep buying it because I hate the artwork and the dialogue and story is atrocious.

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Hopfully when Keith Giffen takes over it improves.

I'm sure it will, Keith Giffen is awesome


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