Green Arrow show entitled "Arrow"

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So, by now we should all know the incredibly bad-@$$ Green Arrow is getting his own show. I was looking around online and they are calling the show "Arrow". Does this bug anyone else? I would much rather have it be called "Green Arrow" rather than "Arrow". I would expect Arrow to be the title of an episode within the first 5 episodes.

If I was to pick up a TV guide or what ever I would expect Arrow to be a hunting show. It sounds more or less boring. Having the show called Green Arrow on the other hand would be alot nicer and wouldn't sound lame.

Any thoughts????

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Green heroes have gotten alot of bad press, I'm really not sure why, Green lantern was great and Green hornet was not bad. Thus its just arrow. the problem i have is that it " Definitly wont be based on the comics"

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@SuperShafe: Some of the changes are that Olivers mother is still alive and remaried. He had a teenage sister. And Black Canary knew Oliver way prior to the island. I personally think alot of these problems will be fixed though. BUT I will admit I think it will be an OK show. It will get his name out there and really show people how cool he his.

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I have this weird feeling DC is just trying to spike Green Arrow popularity because of Marvel spiking Hawkeye's popularity. I hope I am dead wrong and if I am not I really hope it still turns out good.

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I frankly love me some ollie queen , i want the show to embrace the fact that hes's a jerk with a heart of gold. I also want him to embrace trick arrows and pointed mustaches and goatees. this needs to be some awesome pre-new 52 ollie stuff. if he's not shooting arrows with boxing gloves on them i'm not interested.

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They better show some awesome trick arrows. I dont want them to do The New 52 crap. I dropped the series which is something I thought I would NEVER do with a Green Arrow series considering he is my favorite comic character of all time! I am taking it wou are a big Green Arrow fan aswell???

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