Green Arrow - Recommendations?

#1 Posted by Xwraith (31267 posts) - - Show Bio

I've recently got interested in Green Arrow (nothing to do with the TV show) and I want to know which GA stories are most worth reading.

#2 Posted by Billy Batson (59557 posts) - - Show Bio

Dennis O'Neil's and Neal Adams' Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Mike Grell's run and the rest ofVol. 2 of Green Arrow.

#3 Posted by Manhunter2070 (128 posts) - - Show Bio

DC just re-released Green Arrow: The LongbowHunters in trade, which is the start of Mike Grell's era on the book.  
Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle is great. Also I've heared Kevin Smith's run are also well received. The Green Arrow/Green Lantern stuff is good, but can read a little dated like all old comics.

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