green arrow movie

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so id like to see a green arrow movie i was told it was in the works along time ago but never seen anything on slashfilm so i dont think that was right but i would like to see one i think they should get justin heartley from smallville to play green arrow. anyone go any news on this

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I looked around a little for something about that movie a while back, but it only takes you to different forums.  I agree about getting the guy from Smallville to play the part, but I could also see him being an older grissly veteran if they bring him into someone else's movie, like a cameo in the Green Lantern movie would be great.  If you google it really quick you just get quite a few rumors, but doesn't look like anything real yet.

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Yeah it was titled "Super Max" or something along those lines that would've dealt with Green Arrow being set up and sent to a jail for supercriminals, where he would escape from and set about clearing his name and whatnot. 
I'd like to see a Green Arrow movie, don't know who would be a good choice for him.

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A Green Arrow movie would be awesome.

#4 Posted by PowerHerc (86141 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know if Green Arrow is a high profile enough superhero to get his own big-budget silver screen movie, but I love the character and I'd go see it.
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@PowerHerc: Hellboy, Kick-Ass and a bunch of others made it. Why can't Hollywood get it through their thick, Firefly-cancelling skulls that we'd pay to see a Green Arrow movie?

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