Green Arrow feats anyone?

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So while surfing the web I go through a forum post about GA feats. The forum was pretty lack luster as there were only two or three feats named... Oliver Queen is one of my favorite DC characters. Though I'm more of a Marvel fan I even think he out classes Hawkeye! I mean come on he shot a bow with one arm! How that's physically possible? I don't know, but it's awesome. I also know that in GA: Secret files and Origin one-shot, he tells a story about hitting a 1 foot wide target over 200 yards away with a bow designed for short range!

Anyways anyone want to help list these feats?

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Here's one from Green Arrow Year One #5.

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@xwraith said:

Here's one from Green Arrow Year One #5.

Nice scan! That's a pretty good feat of accuracy if I do say so myself. That's insane accuracy.

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