Green Arrow and Lian Harper

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Okay, everything I read with Green Arrow in it, like Green Arrow #32 for example, says that Lian Harper is Ollie's granddaughter. Now if Ollie and Roy aren't related, how is Ollie her grandfather? Did I miss something, or did they mean goddaughter?
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Roy is Ollies long lost son, the first red arrow was not (or atleast thats what i thought)

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Who was the first Red Arrow? I thought there was only one.
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Arsenal/red arrow/1st speedy is roughly like an adopted/extended son
so that's why Lian his daughter is Ollie's grandaughter

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@harleyquinn12: im sorry i was wrong, he was the first red arrow. 
I was thinking conner Hawke. He is his biological son. Maybe Ollie adopted Roy.  

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Roy Harper is LIKE a son to Ollie, an adopted son so Lian is not his biological grand daughter but was raised and treated as such. 
Ollies biological sons are Ollie and Shado's son Roy was like the Batman's old school young Robins that grew up to do their own thing, raised as a son but not biological.

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