ECCC 13: Mystery Art Challenge - Green Arrow and...?

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More like Peter and Dustin WIN!!!

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I love these. I only wished that you timed them. I would be really curious to see how fast they draw these things.

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Wow, it's a toss up for me between Peter Nguyen and Agnes Garbowska. Cheeks didn't even try! LOL!

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Yay! Mystery Art Challenge! Probably my favourite feature on the site. Thanks for doing it Tony!

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I'm a little disappointed no one took the opportunity to do an Oliver Queen/Pam Grier team-up.

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Hey G-Man - You need to hit me up for the challenge next time.

I will be at ECCC in 2014

Was also there this year - but was missed :(

( just an FYI - all images under my profile are my artwork & I plan to share more)

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I was really hoping someone would do a few empty cups on the ground and Ollie all wide eyed trying to steady his bow :/

Peter's was the best and the most original. Love Agnes and her version of everything. I agree with Jawshco. Cheeks just phoned it in.

Do the artists do these in a book you give them and you collect all the challenge drawings in or do they use their own?

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@Pokeysteve said:

Do the artists do these in a book you give them and you collect all the challenge drawings in or do they use their own?

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he's said in the past that he carries around a sketchbook that he gets them all to do their drawings in.

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Really enjoyed this episode and found that I admired each of their drawings in which they expressed unique individualism on the character. If I had to choose the top 3 placings, it would be 1) Michael Walsh, 2) Peter Nguyen, and 3) Anges Garbowska. Again really liked all the artwork that each artist sketched and elaborated on their creative style in drawing comics. Great job G-Man! Hope to see more of these challenges!

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@Jawshco: I think Cheeks' was HILARIOUS!

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@shackle said:

I'm a little disappointed no one took the opportunity to do an Oliver Queen/Pam Grier team-up.

I thought of that too - it would have been great.

What I thought was funny was that all of them except one put an arrow in the coffee cup. Funny that their minds all went to the same place.

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the guy who was eating and drew the cup of coffee with an arrow in it was incredibly lazy from my point of view. didnt even meet the criteria of the challenge

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Interesting how they all went with the cup, not the beans, the pot, the grinder, or the fields. I would've expected a little more artistic diversity, but it is understandable they all aimed for the method of consumption.

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I love these videos! Coffee arrows are the next big thing.

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@G-Man It was funny, but I think cheeks was distracted by the guy doing the Conan dance behind him.

I was hoping someone would draw Green Arrow shooting through someone else's coffee cup. Picture this - Duke of Oil thinks he going to have a great start to his day, then BLAMMO! Denied, your coffee by Ollie's boxing glove arrow. Ha!
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Agnes Garbowska for the MTWin!!!

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I am just fascinated by the way Agnes works. That puts her over the edge slightly on this one.

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cheeks literally drew a green arrow in a cup of coffee he deserves a medal

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I love these articles man. I love, love, love them

Agnes' i think was my favorite. Her and Brian B.

Btw, Brian (and Scott) have been my favorite guest on the Super Massive Podcast, and that is totally NOT what I thought he looked like.

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@Jawshco: I know, it looked like a big "F" you from Cheeks

Maybe Im just playing favorites because Agnes did a commission for me at WW Portland the week before, but I always enjoy watching her turn purple into different colors.

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Love these. I always sketch out one at the beginning and see what everyone else did. Just for fun. Mine was Green Arrow in a giant Coffee Jacuzzi. Do you perhaps know what tools Michael Walsh was using? (Also I would have maybe done something with Starbucks and him calling them Fat Cats. Or something.) My favorites were Peter Nguyen and Agnes Garbowska and Michael Walsh. I will try to post mine just for fun.

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@Jawshco said:

Wow, it's a toss up for me between Peter Nguyen and Agnes Garbowska. Cheeks didn't even try! LOL!

G-Man should've let him finish eating his sandwich first. 
Peter Nguyen is my favorite here. However, it's weird nobody tried something extra-ordinary. All of them followed G-Man's introduction saying "Green Arrow with coffee... cup of coffee". None of them even let someone else holding or drinking the coffee. Though it is "Green Arrow" it would have been funny if someone would have used the CW-Arrow shooting an arrow at Diggle or Det. Lance drinking coffee.
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I like the tunes and awesome on the fly art.

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Agnes is rocking a black lantern ring.

I think I'm in love.

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Loved 'em all really, and despite how there wasn't much to the finished work, I gotta give Cheeks his due for drawing that while he had a sandwich in his other hand!

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I really want those shading markers that Peter Nguyen uses, man. Is there a specific name for those or am I overthinking it? Anyone know? I'm quite interested in buying those but I don't know the specifics.

Edit: Also, same question for the markers Anges Garbowska uses. Those look rad. :O

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so cute!!!!!!!

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It often seems like a lot of these artists don't really take these challenges seriously, I'm not judging them, I don't know how much if anything they get paid to take part in this video series, but I really have a great deal more respect for Peter Nguyen, Michael Walsh, and Anges Garbowska for clearly putting in time and effort into it.

Also an interesting takeaway that out of all the artists in this challenge, Brian Buccellato was the only one to use a New 52 Green Arrow.

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Agnes had the best one! Great video, I always look forward to these!

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Haha! Agnes' looks like a Little Big Planet sackboy character! I wish I had even just half the talent these artists do!

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Agnes Garbowska for the drawing.

Also Agnes wins for best looking.

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