Does anyone like green arrow?

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#51 Posted by Chaos Prime (10857 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Arrow is a classic character that deserves respect imo  :-)

#52 Posted by Amegashita (3560 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chaos Prime said:
"Green Arrow is a classic character that deserves respect imo  :-) "
  A lot more respect than he gets.
#53 Posted by DEGRAAF (7911 posts) - - Show Bio

I normally dont like GA but i have liked him more since he has been on the run after the whole Cry for Justice story arc. I like all his side kicks better
#54 Posted by Brit (372 posts) - - Show Bio
@Comiclove5 said:
" Ilike everything about him, except the way he treats Canary. "
me too..
#55 Posted by CaptainCockblock (3650 posts) - - Show Bio


#56 Posted by thegreatfour (12933 posts) - - Show Bio


#57 Posted by batmanary (790 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes. DAMN IT!!! WHY"D VIC SAGE HAVE TO DIE??? WHY OH WHY??? Lefty Green Arrow, Rihgt wing Question mini= awesomeness

#58 Posted by batmanary (790 posts) - - Show Bio
@geraldthesloth said:
" @Caligula said:
" @sfizzle said:
"i want to like him but i don't know what are good series. any one have any suggestions on what stories i should track down? "

the Green Arrow and Black Canary TPB. It's called for better or worse i think, I own it and it's damn good. 
also the Green Arrow/Green Lantern cross-overs are great  follow the links for details.  I love the Green Arrow, he is hilarious. "
Dennis O'neil and Mike Grell should be the only people allowed to write Green Arrow "
Yeah but Mike Grell's Arrow is veerry different from O'Neil's. plus Kevin Smith should make that list.
#59 Posted by longbowhunter (7689 posts) - - Show Bio

He is probably the most human of all Justice League members. More passion, personality and flaws than any other hero in the DCU. I cant understand why anyone would dislike him. But then again I'm pretty bias.
#60 Posted by Sexy Merc (41971 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, Ollie and Connor.

#61 Edited by Jade1977 (612 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems to me that both Ollie and Hal get a lot of hate, most of it unfair.  And yet people love Batman no matter how much of a dick he is. Do people have something against the color green?

#62 Posted by PowerHerc (85335 posts) - - Show Bio

I like him.  He's my #4 DC character.
#63 Posted by CaptainCockblock (3650 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jade1977: LOL I know, right? Not to mention Hal and Ollie are one of the greatest comic duos of all time.
#64 Posted by entropy_aegis (15429 posts) - - Show Bio
Hal gets hate cause johns is wanking him in to becoming superman 2.0,we dont need another saviour,throw in the fact that jordan has had zero character development so yeah he can easily be disliked,as for ollie people wouldnt hate him as much if DC didnt portray him as a hypocrite from identity crisis to infinite crisis and then there is the crapfest green arrow /black canary book to consider as well,and i love how you mentioned batman for the zillionth time

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