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We all know that for years, he had memorable stories which definitely put him in the pantheon of Dc's heroes, showing that being well-written every character has their chance to shine,but unlike our beloved hero,the villains have had little or doesn't have a chance to distinguish themselves from villains,like Joker,Lex Luthor or even Ocean Master. With the arrival of 52 new, hopefully a great writer to take the reins of his comics and show us not only to fans of the Green Arrow, but also for non-fan, Why do we need to care about with his villains. Taking advantage of the New 52, I would like to ask what villains you want to come back and how you would like them to return?? What do you think about his new villains??

I took this ideia from:

I want to see,these villains back:

Count Vertigo

He is one of the villains that I find most interesting and has the potential to become a powerful arch enemy. What 's best for a marksmanship deal,than a guy almost impossible to hit and can put you on the floor with a simple gesture? Taking advantage of this international Green Arrow phase,he should face an international villain able to face his skills and also can't be caught because the diplomatic immunity ,which was not used in previous universe and may have rendered great stories. Pratically I don't change nothing in it,unless the point of it really became sovereign of his country and became schemer,maybe hiring mercenaries to take Ollie or/and taking control of his business.


Another counterpoint to Green Arrow skills,arrow vs indestructible skin. Brick was one of the best additions to his rogue gallery and a character that is closer to the style that existed in his comics , during the period of Seattle,it would be a Great challenge for him, have to be a international hero while having to defend his hometown. He could return as the crime boss of Seattle, wanting to expand his domains for Star City, first hiring the city's criminals to assemble a criminal empire to promoting chaos,showing the worst side of the city. Showing a little more reality in his stories (besides Brick's powers), which proves necessary.



One of the characters I most desire to return,he certainly is one of the most unique and deadly characters of Green Arrow rogues gallery. Unfortunately it was not widely used through the ages and soon fell into oblivion and then receiving less glorious stories,I see it as a kind of urban hunter in a concrete jungle,like to see him come closer of this concept,taking advantage of darkness and using your skills with sounds, to distract his enemies so kill them,as a hunter does.

He could return as a vigilante trying to establish himself in the city killling the criminals,which would provide greater motivation for them to be enemies or return as mercenary hired to kill Ollie,but like the Joker, the interesting thing is the mystery of his past which should never be revealed,to keep it interesting.

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I'd love to see all three of these villains make a comeback, especially Count Vertigo, he has tons of potential with the diplomatic background. I'd really love to see Merlyn make a comeback, since he's pretty much the evil opposite of Ollie. China White would be another villain that has great potential, with her leadership of a drug cartel. I'd like to see Isabel Rochev come back to fight Oliver as well, specifically because their feud was never really dealt with because of the relaunch. It'd be nice to see Nix come back as a villain as well, since that's another loose end that was never dealt with prior to the relaunch. Completely forgot, Constantine Drakon was badass, he should definitely come back. I'd also like to see Ollie square off with Deathstroke again, I always liked the twos rivalry.

My opinion on Ollie's new villains: They suck. Blood Rose and Midas have potential, but they'd need some incredible expansion on their background and character to become interesting.

From reading Ollie's enemies list, these old no name characters would be interesting if modernized and retooled: Bull's-Eye, Red Dart, and Rainbow Archer.

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@The_Tree: The three deserve to make a comeback soon, hopefully that Winnnick take the scripts and bring them back....Yes Count Vertigo yield great stories for him, not wanting to compare, but already comparing as happens with Fantastic Four and Dr.Doom,however much they fight, they can not stop him because of the laws. Agreed with everything you said about China White and it could well be kind a rival of Brick. I liked the concept behind it of Isabel Rochev of her loving Ollie's father and trying to preserve his ideals to save the company at any cost,but is must add something else to her,it's like you said because of the Relaunch.....had no time to develop her better.

Completely forgot, Constantine Drakon was badass, he should definitely come back. I'd also like to see Ollie square off with Deathstroke again, I always liked the twos rivalry.

Now you said everything. I think with the arrival of the TV show it is possible that we'll see very soon

She was one of the few villains that were worth it to see, mainly because everyone thought they were a new version of Camorouge (unfortunately not shown up because of her, they are very similar),about Midas I don't know he's just a freak guy without motivation to do what he does.

From reading Ollie's old enemies,I want to see these:


One of the things that is lacking in Green Arrow's comics is the conflict with his past and his loves and who better to join the two concepts than Shado,one of the women he loved most in his life and the same time hated,because of their unknowing son. Taking advantage of the issue that he goes to China (I know that she is Japanese,but with the Relaunch everything is possible),her could return as a bodyguard / mercenary of a international crime baron ,whom Ollie has to hunt and she has to kill him and the same time an interest happens between them,but because the ideals she will not give in to romance and will hunt Ollie mercilessly.

Death Dealer

He is one of several forgotten villains that could best be introduced,a banned member of the Royal Flush Gang who committed his crimes using trick cards and several years later,just appeared to be killed. He has a great potential to be a great villain, if it is written as a kind of dark reflection with obsesssion to defeat Green Arrow.

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I would love to see a reboot of Merlyn

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Brick and Constantine Drakon for me. Although, I'd prefer to see Drakon in a Bat-family book.

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@Aeroman: When I saw issue 11,with Dark Arrows storyline I thought it was him,,,but unfortunnaley,wasn't.

@The_Tree: What about Natas (Deathstroke's mentor)??

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@matchesmalone21: definitely Constantine Drakeon, Merlyn, China White, Onomatopeia, Brick, Slingshot and Cupid.

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Count Vertigo is definetly my favourite current Green Arrow villain, and he has lots of potential. With Green Arrow historically being a hero with strong political leanings, Count Vertigo should be played as the political and ideological opposite of Ollie. Whilst Ollie is liberal, left wing, possibly a socialist, and progressive, Count Vertigo should be a monarchist, a facsist, anti-democratic, and a supporter of the far right. Count Vertigo should really be everything Ollie hates, a dictator who abuses his power and gives his people no rights or freedoms. Also imagine how mad it would make the count is Ollie put him in a tough American jail, his massive ego probably couldn't take it.

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@sethysquare: Slingshot?? He will need a huge upgrade,because I can't see him as a threat!!

@RayOlight: Wow. this is exactly,my point of view about their relationship!!!

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As bad as the previous writers were at least we can thank them for not using any of ollie's major villains like Merlyn, Brick, Deathstroke, Drakon, etc.

Now that Judd Winnick has taken over again, I am not sure if I want to see him redo the stories HE just did before the reboot. The ones with Deathstroke, Brick, and Drakon. As much as I would love to see those characters again, I don't want to see Judd Winnick doing the same stores twice in a row.

Give him a year to expand Ollie as a character and make new stories and villains for him.(that don't suck) That way when he does bring those characters back, it won't be him doing the same story almost back to back.

What do you think?

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@BlueArrow: Its because we need of old villains,to introduce them to new reader and show why older readers to pay attention to the characters. I don't think he would write their stories like before,he's a good writer

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@matchesmalone21: I see what you mean.

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@BlueArrow: But which characters you want bring back?

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