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Hey what's up viners, really wanted to make some sort of a discussion on the new TV series on CW Network, 'Arrow' which evidently shines light on Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. There hasn't been a forum discussion about the series and thought it was the right time would to create such a thread like this one, so I've decided to put in on myself to do so. I have recently finished up watching Episode 16: 'Dead To Rights' and thought of it as one of the most intense episodes so far. With the previous episode having Roy Harper making first appearances on the show, it'll open up way more opportunities towards the next season like they have with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) in this first season of 'Arrow'. Here's a review on the latest episode of a 'Arrow' to get you on track for the continuation.

'Death of Rights' Analytic Review

There are many shockers and bombshells that unfold in 'Dead to Rights', some that are dealing with vigilantes and bounties being collected which usually is the focus of the first season thus far. One of them is having to do with Oliver revealing his secret identity to his best friend, Tommy in order to save his father, Malcolm Merlyn's life. Now, with Diggs and Felicity also knowing about him being the vigilante of Scarling City, this places Oliver in great risk of exposure. This episode mostly touches up on Tommy and his father's complicated relationship as Malcolm tries to bring his son (family) back into his life after leaving Tommy behind for so long. Will he be able to fix the relationship he once had with his son, more so improve on it? Now, Deadshot, he's a villainous assassin, and one of the greatest adversaries of Green Arrow in comics who makes a re-appearance on the TV series as he's assigned by China White of the Chinese Triad to kill Malcolm during his acceptance speech. After much patience, Deadshot's able to lure Malcolm to his pen house where he takes fire, putting a few sniper bullets into his chest that are filled with poison. However, Arrow suddenly appears and eventually saves his life. He is sent to the hospital in a hurry but not before Tommy gave his father a blood transfusion to prevent the poison of Deadshot's bullets from spreading. In the last scenes of this episode, Malcolm wakes up with his son right there next to him and thought it would be a good time to reveal his secret identity. However, it all comes to a halt when Moira enters the room having Malcolm heatedly demand her to find the murderous traitor.

In the ending of this episode we are presented with some great cliffhangers that will lead to the future episodes, and most likely continue on through the next season. We see in the near end, that Dinah Lance, Laurel's mother who makes her first appearance on the television series, confronts Laurel for the first time since Sarah apparently passed away to bring her very surprising news that her little sister might not have died in the shipwreck which stranded Oliver on the island. Laurel also mentioned about Sarah's pet canary, depicted to be the color black which might be a foreshadow of the character, Black Canary. We also get to learn that Deadshot, is the murderer of Diggle's brother and in the end see him almost come close to losing it when he finds that he's still alive. Most likely we'll be witnessing Diggs trying to work on taking this murderous assassin down and will probably be on top of his and Oliver's schedule until he does.

Really enjoy the 'Arrow' TV Series and if your that person who hasn't been watching, go to CW Network's official website and make sure to catch up on all the re-runs leading up to episode 16! What are your thoughts on the first season of 'Arrow' thus far? Do you guys wish there was more flashbacks of Oliver and Slade (Wilson) on the island? Really like how they're starting to show more of flashbacks on the island with longer, extended scenes and think they have been doing phenomenal not only with the series but also by taking in feedback from the fans; which seems to be depicted within these last episodes. Great job Andrew Kreisberg, Mark Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and the cast on 'Arrow' for making it such an exciting year for Green Arrow, thanks again!

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Death of rights was probably the best episode. While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

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@jayskee said:

While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

Replace those words with "the greatest" and you're correct.

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@TheCannon said:

@jayskee said:

While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

Replace those words with "the greatest" and you're correct.

Lol ^_^

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Death of rights was probably the best episode. While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

Yea I fully agree. Can't wait to see the return of the Huntress in 'Arrow' episode 17.

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Not a fan of Arrow.  I had high hopes but just ended up being disappointed.  It has some good episodes but a lot of them are just meh. 

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Loving Arrow. Especially all the Slade stuff. The only things I don't care for are the obligatory CW drama and Roy Harper. Don't care if I see more of him at all.

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I like it. Especially because they use comic book characters with NEW stories

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I like Arrow..not love it, I like most of the cast, except Laurel, she's just so...boring. I also don't like how badly Oliver treats Felicity, she's been helping him from day one yet he barks orders at her constantly. Also, the dialogue can be kinda cheesy sometimes, although it's on the CW so it's to be expected.

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The CW Network's 'Arrow' new episode tonight @ 8/7c.

"The Huntress Returns"

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@ckuakini: How do you feel about the actor playing Roy Harper?

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@redrobinpre52: Lol, I seem to get lots of messages and such asking if I think that the actor playing the role of Roy Harper is a good fit. My answer is yes, he's the exact person they needed to fit the part of playing the character. However others disagree and think it's their hatred towards the actor that make them oblivious to how great his acting really is.

I'm quite impressed with the actor playing the role of Roy Harper so far. Hopefully we'll see Oliver train him into becoming Arsenal in the next season of 'Arrow'!

Hoping to see the finale episode turn out great with the return of the Huntress.

fingers crossed ^_^

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New episode of 'Green Pharoah' on CW right now!

Episode 18: "Salvation"

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Huntress is terrible. Every episode she has been in has been horrible.

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I actually REALLY like the Huntress' actress. she does a great job portraying the character.

@jayskee said:

While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

Replace those words with "the greatest" and you're correct.

Agreed. I'm more interested with this than I was with Smallville. And thats saying something.

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@jayskee said:

While the show has many flaws Arrow is still a good show.

Replace those words with "the greatest" and you're correct.

Replace those words with "mediocre" and you're correct.

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Arrow>Smallville :p

Surprised there aren't more fans on here.

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Arrow has its ups and downs but overall it's a good show. It's getting much more interesting now that Roy Harper's there.

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Loved this show since the start

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Loving the show.

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