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Green Arrow wakes to find the same pregnant native, Taiana, is tending to him. She gives him opium for the pain, and sets his bone. She leaves for the field again, promising to return the next day if she can.

Hackett survived the tree falling on him, it only bruised his shoulder. It is revealed that once the opium is refined they will have 17 tons of genetically-modified heroin that they are planning to ship to America.

Taiana says that Oliver's bone has healed and it is time to wean Ollie off the opium. It is revealed that Taiana's husband had been captured by China White's men when trying to steal a patrol boat. Taiana says that the natives call him Auu Lanu Lau'Ava, which means Green Arrow. They are then found by some of China White's men, but Ollie saves them, but Green Arrow's bow breaks. He finds the yacht he had been sailing on with Hackett. He climbs aboard and remains there for days, having withdrawals from opium. He finds his Howard Hill bow, and he knows what he is going to do, he sets fire to the yacht, knowing that everyone will be able to see it from the other side of the island.







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Disagreement with Aspen No1827 0

COUNTERPOINT:Wow!    In all honesty, I'm a big fan of the art in this series. It's different and sometimes, different is good. It feels minimalistic, giving away enough detail for you to get the point and still be drawn in. Too many times I feel overwhelmed by artwork that looks great, but has way too much going on.     Another point to the artwork is how Jock is setting up his panels. when the action hits, he has this way of setting it up like a fast paced blockbuster film. A great depth of ang...

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Last time i waste any money on this volume 0

Wow!           The complete volume has got to have some of the worst art ive ever seen in a comic even the simpsons have better art than this which is unforgivible.I will not waste another penny on this volume that looks like someone in a joint was given a paintbrush and let loose.Lame!...

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