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The Losers creative team of writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock rejoin to tell the definitive origin of the Emerald Archer! Oliver Queen is a frivolous playboy with little care for anyone or anything - apparently even himself. But when he's double-crossed and marooned on a desrt island he finds that he does care about something...justice!


After being knocked unconscious and thrown over board from his boat, Oliver Queen finds himself washed up on a deserted island. With nothing on him but the clothes he's left wearing, Queen drastically searches for some sign of life. It sinks in rather quickly that he's completely alone when he stumbles upon a burned down village with skeletons tossed in a well below. Even though this is a strange sight to behold, Ollie's first priority is to find water and food. He picks apart a broken generator and makes a rusty, make-shift bow out of the inner workings. Cutting a cloth for his head, he hunts for his food and builds a fire to distill water enough for him to drink.

After a few months of hunting, Ollie starts to figure out he's rather good with a bow and arrow. The most surprising thing he's found is happiness. For once in his life, he's happy. He's not sure exactly why, but he is.

Then one day Ollie hears signs of an airplane flying over head, finally a chance to get out. With rubber burning on an arrowhead (make-shift flare), Ollie shoots it into the air for the plane to see. Much to Oliver Queen's surprise, the plane isn't looking to rescue him, it's out to kill him.

Usually Ollie would run and hide, but this is a new Oliver Queen. He stands his ground and prepares to return fire... until next issue.







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Took me 7 years, but here we are. I've grown to like the character, but I confess, when i first saw Green Arrow, it was in a Green Lantern/Green Arrow advertisement on a JLE or Superboy I had. From that image, my reaction was that the name "Green Arrow" itself was a joke. This was before the 2006 publication though, but I liked the Peter-Pan hat from before. I'm reviewing the 2nd issue because I read through the whole mini-series expecting it to get better, but I felt it went a little downhill ...

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As a fan of the Emerald Archer, I have longed for a real, current, well made origin story for a looooong time. Finally, the comic gods heard my plea. In Green Arrow Year One, I get just that. In volume two, Ollie wakes up on a beach, having been deserted there and left to die by a friend. He creates a makeshift bow, and survives. Obviously. So I'm sitting here, only wondering one real thing (while, I am actually wondering several things, but only one main thing) Thank you DC, now tell me ... why...

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