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1. Saving Face
Green Arrow sees Adolph Clevenger, a man he got a tip may be killed soon, fall from a window, dead. While trying to follow the killer sees a man he recognizes, the Question. But Vic Sage isn't a killer... is he? 
Green Arrow travels to Hub City and finds out there have been a lot of people dressing as the Question. He follows a lead to a Caribbean island-- Santa Prisca. Ollie then uncovers and stops a plot by Juarez, saving Hub City's citizens. 

2. Do Black Canaries sing?  
While Ollie is away in Santa Prisca Dinah wakes from a nightmare by the shattering of a window. It is Dinah's mother who broke the window. Then Dinah's mother purse gets stolen and she begins tracking the thief & Dinah helps. Dinah sees the boy return to his house, where he has several sibling and his mom, who are all quite poor. Dinah goes in to get the purse, and tells the mother she is the boys employer, and says she will see him next Saturday at 9. And the boy gives the purse back.  
The next morning Dinah's mother tries to persuade Dinah to guve up being a hero because she has lost her canary cry, Dinah refuses to give up just because of that.
3. A Brief History of Green Arrow
4. Who's Who

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