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Green Arrow #9

As much as I love Green Arrow (he is one of my favorite characters) I didn't really like this issue. We had a pretty much pointless visit by Phantom Stranger. While it was action-packed, it didn't really feel like anything (substantial) happened, but it did leave me in anticipation of what was going to happen. It feels like they are dragging this out longer then necessary (probably to coincide with the ending of Brightest Day). So in short; it wasn't my favorite issue so far, and I really want to know, what's happening with the forest?

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Posted by longbowhunter

I'm really hoping this series picks up after Brightest Day. Since the begining I've felt this title needs to lean more in the direction of the Queen and Nix and Oliver's previously untold backstory. JT Krul has really done wonders for Teen Titans but I feel this title may need Judd Winick's touch once more.
Posted by Jacquenette_Harper
@longbowhunter:  Yeah, I had hopes that Krul would do good, but so far he hasn't given us much. I am hoping the same, that it gets better after Brightest Day. Seeing Winick on Green Arrow again would be amazing! 

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