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Frederick Tuckman goes to Nudocerdo to ask for the position as Head of City Council, Nudocerdo agrees, thinking it will help him gain favor in the mayoral race.

Meanwhile Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy, and Green Arrow II fight Deathstroke and Drakon. They get a little help from the Justice League, but in the end Drakon and Deathstoke escape.

In the end Ollie steps down from he position as mayor, and since there is no acting Deputy Mayor the position of mayor switches to the next highest ranking city official, Head of City Council, which happens to be Frederick Tuckman. But, as Ollie's last act as mayor he takes down the wall that had been separating the city. Batman had made a compound for Ollie that turned the wall to liquid that smelled like milk and honey, reference to the imaginary land of milk and honey where there is more then enough of everything. Ollie then proposes to Dinah, with the ring base of the ring Barry had give Ollie and the tip of his diamond-tipped arrow.

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