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Brick conspires with his new confederates. He divides the territory of Star City amongst them, and tells his plan for increasing revenue on various enterprises including racketeering, narcotics and weapons trafficking.

Suddenly, Green Arrow and Black Canary burst in through the window and begin fighting Brick’s goons. They soon realize that one of his underlings includes the archer, Merlyn. Connor and Speedy come in through another entrance to provide them back-up. They fire two smoke arrows into the walls, laying down a cover of thick fog that obscures everyone's vision. Ollie, Dinah, Connor and Mia don infrared goggles to see through the haze.

Merlyn thinks that he gets the drop on Green Arrow and fires an arrow towards the back of his head. Ollie spins around and cuts the shaft in half with a samurai sword. While he prepares to strike back at Merlyn, Brick comes up behind him and catches Ollie in a bear hug. Dinah shakes Brick off with a concentrated canary cry. Brick avoids capture by leaping out the window, and his underlings manage to escape as well.

Ollie and Dinah begin arguing about their strategy, but the fight concludes with both of them passionately kissing one another. They return to Ollie's place for a sexual escapade that lasts more than forty hours. Ollie tells Dinah that he has remained celibate for over a year, because he was waiting for her to return to him. He wants to be a better man for her.

Speedy finally interrupts them, and tells Ollie that she has a bead on Brick and Merlyn. Ollie and Dinah get into costume and head to the location. They soon discover however, that they have been lured into a trap set by Deathstroke and Constantine Drakon.    

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