matkrenz's Green Arrow #6 - Siege Mentality review

This forest will mess you up.

Issue 6 of Green Arrow. 
The Story :In this issue we have Green Arrow storming Queen Industrie's to take down the Queen.When he get's up on the last floor he finds out Rochev was making Nyx (her assistant) killing all the unpopular people in Star City so she could take over the city faster.Adter soem fighting and flahbacks Ollie leave's since he can't make himself to kill her even tough she graverobbed her mother's necklace.In the end we have some guy throwing a cigaretter bud on the street near the forest and it start's growing. 
The Good :The fight in the lobby and against Nyx was simply awesome and extremely well drawn.All the flashback's with Ollie's dad show's how much he might have liked his son but used him to sleep with woman.Also the dialoque with the  Queen saying that she paid someone to graverob Ollie's mom grave felt really strong to me.Also the last page with the tree seem's really interesting and hopefully something really good will be done with it. Also Diogenes delivers great art.
The Bad :I really like Galahad but he really didn't do anything in this issue he just had some inner monologue and him reading a book.I really want stuff to be done with him.Also I didn't get why Nyx couldn't fight after Ollie shot off her mask. 
The Verdict :This issue was really good,it had lot's of great character moment's for Ollie and the villain's really define themselve's and will hopefully stick for a while.This is a buy.

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