matkrenz's Green Arrow #4 - Strangers in the Night review

I was bored for half of this issue.

This is the 4th issue of the Green Arrow series. 
The Story:So basically half of this issue is the same as Brightest Day #9 so if you want the story go see my review of that issue.But after that we see Ollie helping the girl (named Mary) that he saved in issue 1 to get away from a riot she and Ollie started.After a scene with the Queen were she says that Mary has to be dealt with we see Ollie witht the reporter from issue 1 and 3 talking about the murder from the revious issue.After a while he runs off and remembers what Mary said in issue 1 wich was she wanted to do her part in helping the city,wich makes Ollie thinks she was  killing the people she tought deserved it.After getting in her appartement he jumps trough the windowto save her from the real murderer. 
The Good:The fight scene in the middle of this issue was well done and well drawn by Diogenes Neves and hopeflly the killer is going to become a consistent rogue for Ollie. 
The Bad:As i said this issue is basically a re-hash of issue 9 of Brightest Day and i have to wonder why would J.T. Krul do this.Hopefully he wanted to do something else but this was editotrially mandated so i can understand.Also the Robin Hood references are way to on the tacked on and it's getting kinda annoying. 
The Verdict:This issue was mediocre since it was half of another comic book but we still get some progress wich shows J.T. Kruls talent in writing.This issue is a buy if you are already buying this series but if you aren't start from the beginning and this issues problems wont be so big.


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