the_cyan_lantern's Green Arrow #3 - Character Assassination review

Magic + Arrows= A Good Issue


   Just as we thought Green Arrow was dead, Galahad the Knight rescues Ollie from an attack and heals him within the forest waters. But, still doesn't answers who shot him. Meanwhile outside in the city, corruption is effecting everyone and it's all tied Isabel's reign over Queen Industries. 

The Good:

   It seems every time we take a look into this forest something pops up. First it magically appears, next it cancels out technology and power rings. Now it seems this issue comes with 3 for 1. I'm not gonna spoil the other 2 but they're pretty interesting. Also we finally get to meet the mystery man (Galahad) who is supposedly going to be one of Ollie's "Merry Men". Lastly Isabel's past with Robert Queen sheds a little bit of insight for what's next to come.

The Bad:

   Hard to spot the "bad" things, however felt missing out on the revelation of the forest. We know what Ollie felt, but what does it mean? Maybe just have to wait and see.

Rating: 4 out of 5

     An overall good issue and just have to wait and see who are the 3 other Merry Men, what the forest has planned, and what Isabel history mean.
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Posted by NightFang

What I really like about this issue is the cover, it looks so 3D.

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