razzatazz's Green Arrow #135 - The Borrowed Life review

Another will be there to take the last one's place

This issue basically breaks down as a battle between Connor and Lady Shiva the now revealed head of the monkey clan.  As was introduced in the previous issue, the action here occurs on its side, at least in the sense that the building they are fighting in is in ruins and no longer standing.  The action mostly focuses on the two of them save for some short interludes between Fyers and Wilson, and Nightwing and some random cult members.  The action is well paced and pretty fun, though in the end Canary and Tiger are pretty poorly utilized in this whole story arc.  The action comes to an end which is not really expected, especially when the only way for Connor or Shiva appears to be that one kills the other, but the ending was still well conceived.  batman's words at the end are also somewhat accurate, even if there was some praise for Connor's abilities.  A decent story arc overall, there are not many that focus so heavily on martial arts, even among the Bat titles where martial arts are more common, and with that in mind, this does the sub-genre pretty well.  


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