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Written by Kevin Smith and featuring art by Phil Hester and Ande Park.


The story opens at JSA headquarters, where Stargirl tells Black Canary that Green Arrow has shown up to take her out to dinner. Upon hearing that Courtney left him alone downstairs with Hawkman, Dinah races downstairs before the two philosophically opposed heroes kill one another. But rather than a fight, she finds that they are laughing and carrying on as if they were best friends. Ollie and Dinah go out to dinner, and she discloses her recent dating history, including Ra's Al Ghul and her then-JSA teammate Doctor Midnite, which provokes some jealousy in Oliver. Canary is initially put-off by this, but Arrow then confesses that when he was dead, she was one of his primary motivations for struggling to live again. Before the conversation can go any further, their night is interrupted by the Riddler and his henchmen, intent on robbing the restaurant-goers. The heroes make quick work of them, and leave to share more intimate moments. In the afterglow, Oliver is confronted by Hawkman, who is being protective of his teammate; this fight occurs in the next issue.

This issue also leads in to "The Sounds of Violence," Smith's last story arc on his initial run on the book. In Philadelphia, a young heroine named Virago is stalked and murdered by the enigmatic Onomatopoeia, a serial killer who targets non-powered costumed heroes.

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